Just about two years ago, EasyWell was released as a MangoApps add-on. Ever since it was released, it instantly gained popularity and today is one of the best screen capturing tools available for Windows.

It was late Wednesday, about 3 months ago when the EasyWell team was brainstorming on what next to bring into EasyWell that would that would continue to delight you yet maintain its simplicity. We hit that moment in every project where you’re tired and are reconsidering everything you’ve done.

We pause and think, and decided to do a bulleted list of all the feedback and suggestions you have been sharing. The journey was a reward…

 What’s new in TT 4.0? – (Drum rolls and claps)


  • Big Enhancements in EasyWell For Windows

    • Introducing video annotations for videos captured with EasyWell or even from your local drive.
    • Save video annotations as projects to be able to come back later and work on it
    • Introducing paid plans matching your needs. Yes, now you no longer need to wait for your friends and colleagues to sign-up to get additional minutes
    • Easily share any types of large files with anyone – even if they don’t have a EasyWell account.
  • Introducing the new EasyWell Web Portal

    • Access all your uploaded and shared screen captures and recorded videos from anywhere on the web.
    • Manage your billing plans and view invoices
    • Quick online filters to filter out your multimedia and other files.
  • Introducing the new EasyWell For Mac

    • Capture Images
    • Annotate captured or any images from the local drive
    • Save your captures on the local drive
    • Share your captures as links
    • Email or print your captures
  • Help Portal Gets A Makeover

    • A fresh new site with easy navigation for everything you need to know ABOUT EASYWELL: learn.tinytake.com (find anything missing here? feel free to reach us)
  • Bug Fixes

    • Lots of Bugs & crashes were addressed, besides you can’t have a bulleted list in your release notes without mentioning this timeless classic 🙂


We’re just getting started with video capturing and annotation tools, and are excited to see the stories and ideas you’ll share on the go. As always, we’d love your feedback and want to know what you think about our release — drop us a line at support@tinytake.com